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DeltaP3 is an internet sovereign gateway to community-driven projects backed by government.

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We give retail investors the power to

A stronger voice in determining how their governments develop and design local infrastructure.


Invest in the projects most relevant to individuals and their communities.


New access to investment opportunities previously only available to large corporations and the ultra-rich.


This is how we’re integrating the people into P3s.   Read What is a P3? to learn more.

Mobilize capital to the projects that matter most.

Public-private partnerships or P3’s are building solar farms, high speed rails, water lines, and other infrastructure focused projects that benefit the general public. Up until now, the only entities involved in a P3 were governments (the “public”) and their corporate partners (the “private”).

Now, DeltaP3 enables anybody to directly participate in specific infrastructure projects.

Innovations in decentralized systems have enabled new ways for crowds to financially collaborate with governments and private corporations.

This is how we’re integrating the people into P3s.

Our Vision


P3s to include the
average investor.


Private organizations in community development.


Governments to take on
projects of greater scale.

Leadership Team

DeltaP3’s leadership team is made up of industry experts that are highly skilled in their respective fields, providing the ability to successfully execute innovations in decentralized systems and infrastructure-focused projects. We honor public community engagement, cross-industry collaboration, and P3 visibility. Our team of passionate, forward thinkers echoes an impactful voice by redefining capital mobilization in essential humanitarian projects.

Nick Bertram of DeltaP3

Nick Bertram

CEO & President

Ryan O'Connell of DeltaP3

Ryan O'Connell


Dean Rapp of DeltaP3

Dean Rapp

Head of Community


Brian Liu of DeltaP3

Brian Liu

Head of Due Diligence 



John Wu of DeltaP3

John Wu

President - Ava Labs
Board Member - DeltaP3

Marshall Macomber of DeltaP3

Marshall Macomber

President - ThinkP3

John Nahas of DeltaP3

John Nahas

VP of Business Development – Ava Labs

Nick Mussallem of DeltaP3

Nick Mussallem

Head of Product – Ava Labs

DeltaP3 DP3 Token

DeltaP3 is an internet sovereign rendezvous point for P3 procurement, coordination, investment, and design.

Through the Avalanche blockchain and our community, we empower investors, governments, and skilled professionals to work together in a completely new way.

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